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If you are a victim of Forex, Crypto or any other Financial Scam, there is a solution. Claim Justice was established to provide people like you the information, tools, and resources to fight back and recover your funds.

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Our service is provided for losses over $5,000 only.

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About Us

Claim Justice is a cutting-edge scam recovery firm founded to help anyone who has been a victim of an online scam.

Thousands of cybercriminals can be found on the web, each attempting a new and inventive method of stealing your money, whether through a Crypto Trade, Fake Tax Collectors, Forex, or the old Binary Options scam.

Some of them may be successful in catching you, in which case we provide a variety of services, such as reclaiming funds from unregulated brokers and taking action against other forms of fraudulent online activity. Our expert team provides full guidance throughout the entire process.

Top Investigation Tools: Qlue, Iris & In House Technology



You’ve been stripped clean of your life savings, by a scammer or a fraud selling his lies of fortune and fame.

There is no one you can turn to, the broker is non-existent, gone in the wind.
Your bank already processed the transaction, saying there is nothing you could do to get your money back.


Take Action Now, do not be passive while your hard earned money is being used by someone else!
Our teams at “Claim-Justice” track the scam companies down and recover the lost money or compromised information.

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We understand how difficult it is to regain trust after being scammed, which is why we are proud to be the only company that appears in Zoom meetings with our clients rather than hiding behind phony phone lines.

We can help you Get Your Money Back, contact us now and Schedule Free Zoom Meeting!

Our service is provided for losses over $5,000 only.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the trading system is stuck and you can’t withdraw your money back to your bank account, you keep getting excuses why you need to deposit more funds to withdraw your money and more… If its sounds familiar contact us immediately 

In Claim Justice we use Top law enforcement techniques,  Cyber forensics and Business Intelligence data management, all to provide you with a full case against the fraudulent company and get your money back.

We have a global clientele from every continent on the globe that we have helped.

We can investigate from most countries. We can investigate any online fraud as long as there is a digital footprint.

As a funds recovery company, we will appoint specialized personnel to investigate and submit requests and negotiate with suspect entities and law enforcement.
We have one of the most advanced cryptocurrency forensic solutions to track and trace stolen funds on the blockchain. We can also investigate websites that were used to scam you. We will require a 10% down payment to initiate an investigation and an additional 14-19% of the recovered funds after you have received it.

After onboarding, we will contact you to set up an interview to gather evidence, and shortly after you will be informed about the start of the investigation. The duration of the investigations and negotiations with the suspected platform and law enforcement may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the quality of evidence.

As criminals have become more sophisticated and have extensive experience in ‘’Social Engineering’’ including hiding their platforms, we add new advanced tools and solutions to keep up investigating cyber-crime.

You will be appointed a case manager that will interview you to understand what happened and collect any evidence that may be of assistance to the case.
You will be updated and kept in the loop.


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Our service is provided for losses over $5,000 only.

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